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Frequently Asked Questions
Where do these leads come from?
We are NOT a data service that sells leads.
We generate these leads with targeted marketing campaigns on Facebook and Google. The leads are sent to your office in real-time. 
Meaning, as soon as someone fills in the information from one of our campaigns, that information gets sent to your office.
What about lead quality?
We filter our audiences for higher credit scores, incomes and buying intent. 
That means that the people who become leads are more likely to purchase than just your Average Joe and/or Jane.
What about cost?
Lead costs are always changing and they're very dependent on a lot of different factors. Location, income, age, military status, second home or first, etc. Having said that, we cannot give you pricing until we assess your unique situation.
Rule Your Market
Exclusive, quality buyer leads means that you are the only loan officer receiving these leads. No shared leads here.
Build Your Pipeline
Stop chasing around Realtors. Get leads, pre-qualify them, then negotiate with Realtors about being their exclusive lender
Defend Your Castle
At Done-For-You Clients, we only work with one loan officer per territory.
One client per 100 miles.
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